🎁 You know FOMO, discover FODA!

Freebie enclosed...

Consensual greetings! I hope this message finds you well! Wait a minute…

Did you know that you may be suffering from FODA?

What is FODA you’re asking? It’s Fear Of Dating Again, a term that's becoming increasingly relevant now more than ever, and means “the reluctance to date again in a post-pandemic world after spending so many months away from the dating scene — and all in-person social interactions for most”.

The solution? A free ticket to our next Relationship Hotline on Monday!

Grab a free ticket

To play our part in helping you and others overcome FODA in their path to happiness, we decided to make the most of those 60 minutes of relationship hotline to answer collectively 3 questions asked by the audience and talk our ways into a better understanding of ourselves and find solutions.

As always, many brains are better than one!

Have a lovely day!

This was brought to you by Sophie, the proud founder member of LVRSNFRNDS. Josh once said about me “every time she opens her mouth, the world becomes a better place.” Let’s all open our mouths and make each of our relationships a better place, one conversation at a time. You can find me elsewhere on InstagramTwitter, and Clubhouse.

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