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We create meaningful relationships of all kinds, one conversation at a time. We harness the power of community to support people who think different because we believe strongly that they are helping society move forward, the right way.


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Previously known as the Risqué To Do and sent on a monthly basis. These are feedbacks spontaneously shared by our subscribers.

What a fantastic newsletter!

- Marie

Nice content Sophie!
Well done x

- Ro

Looooovvvvveeeee this!!!! So many dates for my diary and things to read and listen to. It takes a lot of effort to pull something like this together - well done! 

- Christine

I love receiving these emails, they are always so interesting and have such good recommendations!

- Rachel

About Sophie Mona Pagès (she/they)

🍑 I am the founder member of LVRSNFRNDS. French Moroccan, I am an entrepreneur based in London. As an intersectional feminist dissatisfied with mainstream narratives, I am committed to infusing diversity, inclusion, intimacy, modernity and beauty into the world of modern relationships.

💡 I burst into the sex-positive scene in July 2018 with Risqué - a members-only cocktail party where people get together in a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The immediate success of this first attempt encouraged me to pursue what would become my signature event on a monthly basis.

🌹 In July 2019, for Risqué first anniversary, I launched LVRSNFRNDS, a community for those questioning love, sex and relationships. If you are part of it, thank you for being a wonderful human, thank you for trusting me with this! If you are not part of it, you’re welcome to join us!

📷 Find me on Instagram and Twitter @sophspages

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